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Ovation® Cambridge Anatomic Bridle

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The Cambridge Anatomic Bridle features a removable throat strap, 1” ergonomic curved padded browband, and an ergonomic tapered curve padded crank noseband with removable flash. Noseband measures 1 3/8” by the cheeks and tapers to 1” at the center of the nose. With 5/8” x 54” Extreme Grip™ Rubber reins.

THE MOST ADVANCED BRIDLEWORK LINE FROM OVATION®! The Ovation® Anatomic Bridle work Collection features hunter and dressage bridles designed for the ultimate comfort for the horse! Ergonomically cut, curved, and padded crowns and nosebands reduce pressure on the sensitive areas of the horse’s head.
Comfort Gel padding has been added to areas known to be susceptible to pressure for added comfort.
Bridles are crafted from supple and beautiful American leather.