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DAC Supplements

dac® Lazer HD Concentrate

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Lazer HD

Made with Abyssinian Oil

–Boosts Shine
–Repels Dirt & Dust
–Moisturizes & Softens Coat
–Non Greasy Finish

Providing shine and luster from the inside out by maintaining the moisture balance and saturating the skin and coat with valuable nutrients

Create the ultimate high definition shine by using dac's Lazer HD Shine Spray Concentrate. Nourishing properties of Abyssinian oils, fatty acids and vitamins blend together to provide hair & mane manageability along with conditioning & protection for an optical luster throughout the coat. This custom formula provides emolliency & gloss to encourage a long lasting lazer shine for weeks


Mix 16 oz. to 1 gallon of water. Take diluted LAZER HD and add to an empty spray bottle and apply. 


• Maintains a high gloss
• No greasy finish
• Eliminates static fly aways
• Helps reduce grooming times
• Detangles tough knots in mane & tail
• Provides last minute show day shine 

Moisture Balance

Glycerin and Vitamin E act as a humectant and regulate sebum production
–Enhances the penetration and resorption of skin lipids, therefore restoring and maintaining the skin€™s moisture barrier.

Abyssinian Oil has a high concentration of C22 fatty acids making it easily absorbed into skin and hair.
–Omega-9 fatty acids give hair a rich shine and glossy feel 

Nutrient Content

Abyssinian Oil contains an abundance of Linolenic Acid
-An Omega 3 fatty acid which functions as an anti-inflammatory, cell-communicating, and skin conditioning agent.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.
-Disables the production of damaging free-radicals

Concentrated blend of 14 different hydrolyzed amino acids targets hair growth and cell regeneration.
-Sodium PCA prevents color and vibrancy fade
-Supplied the building blocks for expedited hair growth
-Increases tensile strength and minimized damag


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32 oz, 4 oz. Sample Bottle, 6/32 oz